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WyldeCats and Kittens Necklaces

                          WyldeCats and Kittens 


                                                   Starting in 2020, I chose to make happy, silly pieces.  I wanted to celebrate the love of the cat who adopted                                                   me, her adoration of plants, and the joy I've experienced with cats throughout the years.  Sage Catling just celebrated her 5 year Adoptiversary with us.  She is my purrfect constant companion, giving me both love and a fascinating new outlook on everything around.  She also tries despurrately to guide me to be a great hooman, which she says requires close supurrvision about 95% of the time.


         The WyldeCats and Kittens Collection comes from love and joy, and I am having fun diving in to expand it.  The appearance is quite different from my other work, and I hope you enjoy the pieces as much as I've enjoyed making them.  It's the same high quality you are used to, just in a slightly quirkier form.


         Some pieces are listed as "Pre-Order."  This means the initial piece has sold, but I can make another very similar one for you, there will simply be a pause between when you place the order and when I ship it, due to the making and firing processes involved.


     A portion of the proceeds will go to help shelters/foster/adoption agencies in the KC area.

     Thank you VERY much for the support and love of cats, and a KC artist.

Please note:

         All items are hand-made from porcelain by a Kansas City artisan, usually with a Cat on her shoulder(or lap).  There may be slight variations from the images shown due to materials and the hand-making process.  This makes each piece unique, which Sage I feel is purrfect.


Sales are final.  

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