#wearamask Kitten Earrings 

      (shopping gallery follows after the inspiration and ordering info info)


     It started as a way for me to work through my own feelings of losing loved ones to Covid-19; my frustration that this is still having such an impact on families; my sadness that it is ongoing and commonplace at the moment.  I'd decided I needed to make silly, happy pieces earlier this year.  I was already in the middle of a project to make pieces inspired from the joy of the cat who adopted me, her love of plants, and the joy I've experienced with cats throughout the years. 


     I received news that I'd lost yet another loved one to Covid-19, and I sat there looking at the kitten head studs I was going to make that day, and wound up putting a mask with a little goldfish on each of the two before me.  I posted it on social media with a message of wanting us all to pause, think of our loved ones we'd love to share a silly image like this with, and taking responsibility with our actions so that we can find a way to limit the spread and get Covid-19 under control in places where it is not - and keep it under control everywhere so that we can celebrate those who have passed on and welcome those who have joined us.

     Someone commented asking for a link to purchase.  Then I got private messages asking where to buy the earrings, then a couple of emails.  The earrings hadn't been through the kiln yet, this had been my own therapeutic thing, so I hadn't honestly considered people wanting to buy them and I was a little surprised, honestly.  I was also in a pickle - I had only the one pair underglazed, and working around my CRPS means I cannot rush through things.  So, here is what I am able to do:

     Earrings that have sold out are available on a pre-order basis.  I'm saying 4-6 weeks on the pre-order work time before shipping to allow me to work in a way that safeguards my brain and my arm, schedule a firing, get the kittens mounted on titanium posts, and get them all prepped to send out.  I'm hoping I can get things along a little more quickly, but I'd rather give a longer estimate and hopefully have you be pleasantly surprised than tell you "2 weeks" and then have to apologise because that didn't work out.  I need to be able to fill a kiln (and schedule a firing, as I don't have my own yet).

        Each earring is hand-formed and then decorated by hand with underglazes and glazes, making each one unique (though I DO make them in pairs and aim to have them mirror/match the best that I can).  Each one is a full art piece, made in miniature, for you to decorate your ears with, and help spread the message - hopefully with love and a smile - for us all to step up and take the needed actions to bring Covid-19 under control EVERYWHERE.

     As I'm donating a portion of the proceeds from the initial Cat Collection to help shelters/foster/adoption agencies, I'll roll this money into that.  Shelters/foster/adoption organisations have struggled during this time, as well.  I'm still exploring who to donate to, but I'll post it once I get that figured out.

     Thank you VERY much for the support, the love of cats, and a KC artist.

Please note:

All items are hand-made.  There may be slight variations from the images shown due to materials and the handmaking process.  This makes each piece unique.


*Pieces may have slightly different shape and colours may differ slightly, as well. 

Sales are final.