Upcoming Events:

One of my favourite things about my business is getting to meet YOU! 

Making that connection, learning about you and how you wear accessories, hearing your stories, helping you find the perfect piece(or pieces!) to add to your collection or the collection of a loved one.  It REALLY makes my day and I love getting these opportunities.

Check the list below to see where we can meet up in 2020.

Skyboy Arts Festival (Virtual Event):

Saturday, October 24th, 2020

11am-5pm, Central

Manda Wylde Designs Interviews: 11:30am and 2:30pm

Click Here to attend


When times get hard, artists get creative.

While Covid-19 has curtailed many in-person events and experiences, there are some online events striving to get as close to that in-person feeling as possible.  This coming weekend, the Skyboy Arts Festival will have the opportunity for artist interviews and face-to-face chats in "virtual booths," no driving, parking, or portapotties required!  


Click the link above, register to attend by submitting your

name and email address(you can opt out after the festival

if you like), and then you'll be "at the show."


Interviews will be taking place in the top bar on the screen.




                                                                                     If you scroll down, you'll see the virtual "tents," and you will be able                                                                                 to click on "request a chat" to enter the tent and chat with the artist. 

                                                                                     Good audio and a camera will help.  It's kind of like Zoom.   

                                                                                     Come on in, have a chat, see what I'm working on for the day,

                                                                               possibly meet Sage Catling if she's not napping - things that you

                                                                               don't get to see at an in-person event. 


                                                                                    If you've been looking for a chance to ask about a customisation for

                                                                               a piece, or just to hang out and chat for a few like we've missed doing                                                                                     at in-person events, this is a great chance for it (and you can stay

                                                                   safe and warm at home!)

June (Virtual Event):

Mulvane Art Museum Virtual Gallery for Mulvane Art Fair 2020 Artists

The Virtual Gallery has links to the artists who were to be at the physical show this year.  The on-site festival was cancelled for public health and safety.

All other physical shows for 2020 have been cancelled for public health and safety.

With that being said, please do check back, join the email list, VIP group, or facebook group, as I will be hosting virtual shows to celebrate the release of new pieces and collections, and will be available to help select the perfect gift for those on your list who love elegant simplicity in their jewelry pieces.

Big Love!


Check back for more information about upcoming shows and pop-up shops.

You can also subscribe to the mailing list (at the bottom of this page) to be kept up to date about where I'll be bringing my pieces next, along with early shopping opportunities for collection releases and special offers.  It is the best way to stay in the loop. 

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