• Sunflowers

    Whenever we stayed with my Nana, we always got to have her cut us a bouquet for the road before we left – so we would remember the magic of flowers.  My favourite thing to do before the flower gathering began was run along in front of the different types of Sunflowers as they said “goodnight” to the lowering Sun.  I wondered if I would get to be as tall as they were.


    This set is composed of 1 necklace and 1 set of earrings.  It was created using a technique called “monoprinting on clay” to create the 3 unique monotypes which make up this set.  The technique is described more thoroughly in the Monoprint Collector’s Sets main page.


    Necklace Length: 18 inches.  Pendant is 2 inches wide and 1 inch high.

    Earrings: Total Length: 2 1/4 inches, Width: 1 3/8 inches.


    Findings are all 14/20 Gold-filled.

    • Care Instructions

      Gentle, loving care will help ensure your piece helps you beautify the world for a long time to come. To clean, simply wipe gently with a soft cloth.  A metals polishing cloth can be used to brighten the metals as needed.

      Please gently place pieces in a safe place to store or display them when not wearing. To prolong the integrity of your pieces, it is not recommended to expose the jewelry to water or to wear while sleeping.