Pre-Order Mousie Masked Kitten Earrings

Pre-Order Mousie Masked Kitten Earrings

Pre-Order is 8.13.20-8.21.20, with shipping hoping to start 9.18.20.


Kittens say #wearamask! These little kitten earrings are sporting tiny mice on their masks in a mirrored pair that are really something to squeak about!


Each earring is hand-formed from porcelain and then decorated by hand with underglazes and glazes, making each one unique. Posts and backs are titanium to help minimise metals reactions. Approximately 6-8mm in diameter. Each one is a full art piece, made in miniature, for you to decorate your ears with, and help spread the message - hopefully with love and a smile - for us all to step up and take the needed actions to bring Covid-19 under control EVERYWHERE.


All items are hand-made. There may be slight variations* from the images shown due to materials being shown prior to firing. This makes each piece unique.


*Pieces will have a shine from the glaze and colours may differ slightly, as well.

  • Care Instructions

    Gentle, loving care will help ensure your piece helps you beautify the world for a long time to come.

    To clean, simply wipe gently with a soft cloth.

    Please gently place pieces in a safe place to store them when not wearing. To prolong the integrity of your pieces, it is not recommended to expose the jewelry to water or to wear while sleeping.