Blue and Green Multi Chandelier Studs

Blue and Green Multi Chandelier Studs

     Minimalist style at its finest.  These little beauties are sure to be a much-loved low-key accessory for day in and day out.  The swirling combinations of blues and greens are reminiscent of an aerial view of the Earth, a rich geode, or even images of nebulae.  Titanium posts help them to be comfortable enough for all day wear.


Earrings are approximately 1/4" high by 1/2" wide.

Titanium posts and backs.

  • Care Instructions

         Gentle, loving care will help ensure your piece helps you beautify the world for a long time to come. To clean, simply wipe gently with a soft cloth.

         Please gently place pieces in a safe place to store them when not wearing. To prolong the integrity of your pieces, it is not recommended to expose the jewelry to water or to wear while sleeping.