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Why Cat Jewelry?

People have asked me why I started making cat jewelry. It started with Sage’s love of plants. We have a huge Boston fern named Oswald, and she loves to sit under his stand. She also really enjoys spending time in the greenhouse with plants in the Winter.

I was looking for something fun to make. I’d made some kitten earrings for a friend’s kiddo, and we all really enjoyed it, so that seemed like a good place to start: tiny cat head post earrings. Something fun I could use to rebuild some of my skills as I learned to work around the tremors that often present with my CRPS.

I sculpted some cat and plant earrings. Then I made more tiny cat head post earrings. Simple colours, then different breeds, then cats in masks, cats as fruit…and it just kinda spiraled from there. During a chat, my friend giggled and said “they are WyldeCats. Get it?” and they had a name. There’s a variety to choose from, so one is purrfect for helping represent your special cat friend as you go about your day.

I eventually started making plain black dangle earrings out of my signature hand-dyed black porcelain. I also made some stacked dangle earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. I donated a portion of the sales to local cat rescues, shelters, and fosters, so that other cats could adopt their own hoomans to love and guide the way Sage had adopted us (because THAT is how SHE tells the tale: she found two woe-begotten hoomans muddling along through an adoption purrade and out of the goodness of her heart, she stepped up to offer them her supreme guidance so they could be aided on the path towards being the purrfect hoomans. They need constant supurrvison, but they have developed well during the time under her leadership – even if they consistently break rules from the House Pawlicy Manual).

We wanted something special to celebrate that Sage Catling has been running the show behind the scenes for coming up on 5 years. Expanding the WyldeCats and Kittens Jewelry line seemed like the best way to go. There are now more dangle earrings, and more necklaces on either 925 Sterling or 14/20 Gold-Filled chain options. There are even bracelets. Each one is hand-formed, and meticulous hand-painting brings them to life. I have a selection of different breeds/fur patterns, as well as some fun things like Catrus Fruits, Watermeowlons, and more in my Fruit Cattail line. They’ll make their debut at our upcoming live (virtual!) event. Each comes with a Purrtificate of Adoption, just another fun little way to add to the celebration.

So, to recap:

We’re celebrating our 5 Year Adoptiversary on Monday, August 1st from 7-9pm Central. We would love for you to join us! It's a virtual event that is purrfect for fuzzy slippers. We’ll have new porcelain earrings and necklaces from the WyldeCats and Kittens Jewelry Collection available, and you’ll be able to adopt one of your very own. These came from me looking for a fun way to work on healing, and have come from a place of big love.

Wanna join in the fun?

RSVP for the live virtual event here.

Also, stay tuned to the blog and we will make sure you have all of the important details. If you want be in the know before everyone else AND be one of our fav Very Important Purrsons, then pounce on over and sign up to join the Insiders Community so you can stay in the know and get treats before anyone else. They’ll be delivered right to your inbox! Sage warns they won’t be as awesome as those dried minnows hanging out in the cupboard, but then again, as hooman, you’ll probably want something less “catly.” Also: Sage says she will NOT share her minnows with you, but you WILL have the oppurrtunity to get a treat if you join the Insiders and show up live for the virtual show August 1st. You can’t beat that!

After you RSVP, share the event and invite your friends.

To join the Insiders Community, get treats, and maybe even have a better chance at catching the Red Dot because the secrets come to your inbox, sign up here.

See you soon!

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