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The Adoptiversary Celebration is Coming – and You’re Invited!

Who doesn’t LOVE a good party?! Like a really great one, that celebrates things we are really excited about? Not like the daily celebrations of “Oh, YAY: the Cat didn’t knock anything off the counter today!” that get brief happy dances because the houseplants get to live another day and the floor is not coated in marinara. I mean, those are fun in the moment, but short-lived. And frequent.

I’m talking about those really grand occasions where you get to make time to create a celebration for people and events that you are genuinely stoked about. Big accomplishments. Milestones.


Now THAT is something to celebrate!

One of the things Sage and I are focusing on is celebrating. It’s actually one of our core values: CELEBRATE! In all caps, so we don’t miss it, because sometimes we get excited about what we are doing and maaaaaybe forget to make time to recognise the awesome things in life – like the aforementioned milestones.

Our Five Year Adoptiversary is coming up on August 1st this year, and we would love for you to join us. We’ll have new porcelain earrings and necklaces from the WyldeCats and Kittens Jewelry Collection available, and you’ll be able to adopt one of your very own.

Stay tuned right here and we will make sure you have all of the important details.

Wanna learn about them before everyone else and be one of our fav Very Important Purrsons? Then slide on over here and sign up to join the Insiders Community to stay in the know and get treats before anyone else. Not, like, catnip treats, but even better things like free shipping each month and event invites and goofy stories. All the fun without the catnip jittery feeling that makes you run through the house like you’re a fuzzy little maniac(so it’s safer and it won’t scare your neighbours).

Sign up here.

See you soon!

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