The ACC and Me: America Craft Council's Artist Directory

The American Craft Council is a national nonprofit dedicated to supporting craft and its artists. They host a series of marketplace events known as American Craft Made, which take place in Baltimore and St. Paul each year. In recent years, these have been accompanied by virtual markets. You may remember when I shared about being part of the virtual show for Baltimore earlier this year. I’d originally been part of the physical event, but was able to move to the virtual show as dates needed to change for Covid-19 safety measures. The show gave me the opportunity to share my work with people across the nation that I would have missed out on if this had not been an option, and I got to ship pieces to three new-for-me states as a result (happy dance!).

This year, the ACC is doing something brand new, and I am pleased to announce I have been chosen as one of the inaugural participants! The Directory, like the physical events, supports artists from across the country who create work reflecting the diversity of contemporary craft. It gives us another opportunity to share our story, as well as sell our work to a focused audience with a strong love of fine craft. This allows artisans to gain visibility and sell works over the course of an entire year, as opposed to a week for physical shows or two weeks for virtual events. I am proud that my porcelain jewelry and accessories will be alongside the work of so many amazing artists, and I hope you'll come take a peek once things are fully ready.

I am excited to see how this program unfolds over time. I look forward to meeting new people and sharing my work as it evolves over the next year.

The Directory Pop-up Marketplace dates are listed below:

October 3-16, 2022

May 8-21, 2023

August 8-21, 2023

The Directory goes live later this month, and I will share more information as soon as I have it. I hope that looking through the selected artists from across the nation leads you to discover more artists to love and support.