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Join Me on Facebook!

step 1: Selecting "Groups" from the "More" drop down.

It’s great fun to be connected on social media, and for the upcoming Adoptiversary Celebration, it is essential. The Adoptiversary will be a live(virtual) collection release happening on Facebook, in a special group for Manda Wylde Designs.

I’m going to walk you through how to both join the group and set your notifications propurrly so you are prepared for the event and get all of the goodness.

First(shown above), you are going to hop onto Facebook and head on over to the Manda Wylde Designs page. If you haven’t yet, you can give a “like” and a “follow,” and this helps Facebook understand that people really care about the page and the artistic business it is for, so they will show it and its posts to more people (YAY!) After that, locate the “More” from the drop down menu (I highlighted it in green in the hopes that helps. There’s a lot of stuff in the menus now, and I want this to be easy peasy!) and then you’ll select “Groups” (also in green).

Step 2: choose Shop Manda Wylde Designs

There really should only be one group that pops up, and that is the “Shop Manda Wylde Designs” group. This is where the event will take place. Click the group name to go to the group.

Step 3: Join the group and invite your friends!

From in the group, you’ll click “Join”(yup, more green!). Mine says “Joined” because I am already in the group.

Bonus funsies: click the “Invite” button(purple) and invite friends and loved ones who you believe would love wearing artwork and are enamoured with Nature, or Cats, or both! They’ll also be supporting a woman-owned and cat-managed business in the heartland(and who knows what kind of mischief that can lead to!).

Awesome work! We’re almost done!

Step 4: Managing notifications

Let’s make sure that you get all the notifications you are going to need to have a great time at the Adoptiversary – as well as stay up to date with the group. That happens via the notifications.

If you click “Joined,” a drop down will give you the option to “Manage notifications.”Clicking on this takes you to the Notification settings.

Step 5: Getting the notification goodness!

Under “In-app notifications,” you’ll select “All posts” to ensure you are getting notifications instead of them zipping out to the Facebook ethers.

Congratulations! You are all set! This will help you stay up to date with the group’s posts (I promise not to inundate you!) and you are ready for the Adoptiversary Celebration on Monday, August 1st, 2022 from 7-9pm CTD. We’ll see you there!

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