#istandwithukraine WyldeCats Earrings: Jewelry Artist Helping Animals in Ukraine

As I mentioned in the last post about Ukraine, there are currently animals in Ukrainian shelters who need help as much as the humans - as well as the humans who have been and continue to stay in Ukraine to help and care for them. There are shelters that have been bombed and the animals have scattered. There are also many people who are fleeing the country on foot, grasping their animals close as they travel. When I first came up with the WyldeCats and Kittens pieces, it was as a celebration of the very special relationships that I and others have shared with cats. As such, I've always donated a portion of sales to Kansas City area shelters. It's a way to give back, and to help pay it forward, so that other cats can go on to adopt humans and more special relationships can form and more love can be shared. With the #istandwithukraine WyldeCats Earrings, I am sending the revenue to Shelter Ugolyok, which has been valiantly working to keep as many animals safe as possible. For each pair you purchase, I'm sending them $58. This money will go to care for and feed the cats, dogs, pigs, horses, and other animals they are recovering as the war progresses. I look forward to it helping. I was wanting a way to help the animals in Ukraine. There is a lot of support for the humans, and rightly so. I want the animals to have the help they need, as well. This is something I can contribute, and I'm grateful. I may be coming up with other designs for this as well, and if so, I will update this post and add links to the items. I will also share them via social media and email.