Inspired by Nature.

One of my fav things about being here on this planet is getting to spend time with Nature. From far-flung locales around the globe to my own yard: I love it. I adore hiking, long rambling walks, gardening and puttering with plants, watching animals of all sorts play and enjoy life. I love the sensory experiences: the gentle (or more firm) blowing of the breezes, the scent on the air as rain rolls in or as it is clearing, the hum and chirp and rustle of animals going about their business, the flashes and flits of colors from birds, flowers, insects, or heart-dazzling sunrises and sunsets. I am ceaselessly inspired by Nature, and I bring this into my creations and reflect it in my jewelry through my materials and finishes.

I. LOVE. TRAVELING! I’ve always been the person who takes more pictures of trees, flowers, rocks, and waters than of people when I travel. I have also always been the person willing to wait for just the right shot, to try loads of different angles to see which most closely reflects the colors and textures that so struck me when I saw the beauty of the Natural element in the first place and wanted a visual reminder. This does, at times, drive my family or other travel companions a little bit nuts and I do now try to warn them to help cut down on some of the frustrations. Fortunately, my partner has found ways to adapt to my visual meanderings (he walks on and then waits, goes back to look at something that caught his eye, or simply takes a break and grabs a seat somewhere) and has not brained me with my camera or phone.

Forests, oceans, trees, the infinite delights of the night sky and images from deep space: all of these things have always held a deep fascination and delight for me. Imagine my great glee when I found I was fortunate to be able to replicate the feelings of calm, tranquility, or excitement of these in my pieces through the glazes and finishes I’ve used.

I find that I am really drawn to the macrocosms, microcosms, as well as the spaces in between. I am endlessly exhilarated by space and nebulae, I adore the miniature worlds found in bubbling moss under a stream or lichen growing on rocks and bark. Oceans, tide pools, creek beds, rock formations in the desert, the interior and exterior of a sea shell of whatever type – and don’t even start me on corals or fungi or we will be here all week!

Working in porcelain, with glazes or polishes and the addition of cultured freshwater pearls, gives me the ability to bring the visual essence of Nature and combine it with something both strong and delicate, that warms and cools based on the conditions of the environment it is in. Coming from organic origins, it goes through its own transformative experience in the kiln, and then can seem to take on a life of its own as you integrate it into yours through comfortable wear. Treasured little portable pieces of Nature, to help you reconnect when you feel off-centre, or to simply love the beauty of. Nature is my happy place, and creating items that let you take that joy with you makes me very happy indeed.