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Fun for All!

“How does a virtual Adoptiversary actually work?” you may be asking yourself.

“How do I claim an item? What about payment? How do we qualify for the giveaway? Wait, there's a giveaway?! Do I have to bring catnip?”

These are all valid and important questions!

Here are “The Rules,” so we can all have a great time – no catnip required (unless your cats say otherwise. Their house, their rules on that one).

Official Rules for the Adoptiversary Celebration:

For the Adoptiversary Celebration, I will be posting the listings for available pieces in the Shop Manda Wylde Designs group. In the event of technical difficulties that prevent me from posting in the group, I will be sending out an email to all Insiders with instructions on how we are proceeding.(Please you’re your fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly!) Pieces will post one by one, with a few minutes in between. You will need to join the group to comment, which is how you will claim pieces.

Each post will have a photo of the item, a brief description, size, and price. To purchase an item, comment “SOLD” on the post.

The absolute first comment based on what I see as the timestamp will get the piece – no exceptions. I will reply as quickly as I can and tag you for confirmation. The post’s description will be updated to show “SOLD,” and it will no longer be available for adoption(purchase).

Items not marked “SOLD” will be available for adoption until the event has closed. Only pieces adopted before the end of the event qualify for entries to the Giveaway (more info further down).

Commenting “SOLD” on an item is a commitment to buy. Please do not comment if you do not intend to go through with the adoption/purchase.


Every item purchased during the sale will get you an entry into the drawing at the end of the event (after all items have been listed, possibly 10-15 minutes after event close so I can make sure I got everyone accounted for). **You must have attended and shopped the live event to qualify for the giveaway drawing.** If you have purchased 3 items, you get 3 entries. There will be 3 prizes. We will come back online and share the names and their prizes, as well as posting them into the group. PAYMENT:

Once the show concludes, if you have adopted pieces, you must send a message to the Manda Wylde Designs main facebook page (not my personal account) with your email address so I can send your invoice over. Invoices may take up to 24 hours to send. Items will not ship until payment for the invoice clears. Sales tax will be applied to orders.


Shipping in the continental US will be $10 flat rate per order for priority. International buyers are welcome and actual shipping costs will be applied. I am not responsible for duties/customs/VAT charges imposed by your country upon entry.


Any unclaimed items from the event page can be purchased through Tuesday, August 2nd, at 11:59 CDT by commenting “SOLD”. These adoptions will not qualify for the Giveaway drawings. On Wednesday, August 3rd, items will be “CLOSED.”

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