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Floral Inspiration: January Hope

Welcome to January! I'm glad you are here.

I’ve always drawn my inspirations from Nature first and foremost. Her colour palettes, her intricacies, her fascinating combinations of being both delicate and strong. She also provides a wonderful array of materials that I get the pleasure of choosing from as I create. Nature is an amazing Muse, and I will most likely forever be in her thrall.

In November, I started sharing weekly inspirations via email and social media. Monday Motivations. It actually harkened back to a practice I had with my team when I worked in a corporate leadership position: each morning I would send out assistance requests/opportunities, and I would include a quote in the email, usually about teams, work, helping out, etc. They ranged from silly to serious, humorous to thought-provoking, and generally were inspirational – since that was the intention.

I’ve always enjoyed Flower Messages (I am writing more in depth about this coming up, because it is fascinating!). In December, I sent out a quote about being able to handle anything the week throws at you. I wanted a way to convey that message with an image that shared the sentiment, and it clicked: use flowers. So I used a gladiolus since they represent strength.

Being able to add layers to the message was fun and I decided I wanted to continue that on, and focus in on this aspect of inspiration I find in Nature. So I am going through the months sharing motivation based on a flower designated for that month. For January, I’ve chosen Snowdrops. These are a flower my maternal grandmother enjoyed, and her birthday was in January, so for me it’s a really nice link. They represent hope, and I really feel it when I see them poke up early in the year in various places around the yard: it’s like Nature grabbed a hope shaker and started sprinkling beautiful wishes all over the garden so we’ll see it and take notice. “Good things are coming, my Babies! Good things are coming!” she calls as she sprinkles these delights around.

At a time of year when it is often cold (I’m in KC) and the light is still scarce, it can feel as though Winter will last F O R E V E R. It’s an interesting juxtaposition at times as we come off of the celebration of holiday festivities and launch into the new year with hopes, dreams, ambitions, and goals: right into the dark of Winter. Sometimes we need a gentle reminder to hold on to hope and keep forging ahead towards our dreams. Enter Snowdrops. These pint-sized lovelies are among the first flowers to come up in late Winter and early Spring. They come up from bulbs, are amazingly hardy, and are cheerfully dashing in clustered trios as they come up through the leaves to create tiny parties of beauty across the landscape. They celebrate in a way that I want to celebrate more with my jewelry business. They celebrate a space in time, they bring the feeling of joy and well-wishes, and they both uplift and inspire hope.

I enjoy the practice each Monday of sharing a fun quote to start the week off. If you’d like to join in on receiving them and sharing in the fun, you can do so by subscribing to email list in the footer below this post to get them right to your inbox. You can also follow me on social media, via Instagram or FB, or both if you so choose.

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