A Love Story in Jewelry

Jewelry can be such a special way to commemorate milestone events, as well as evolutions and journeys – either shared or solo.

Today I’d like to share a little about a love story, and the joy of helping a wonderful couple mark time and phases in their relationship.

In 2019, I was participating in an art festival in Kansas City, and a couple came to my booth set up. We had a great time as we talked about pieces. They explored and asked questions, and I got to share about my work, my inspirations, and what got me started on this jewelry artisan journey. They selected a Lustre Ring Pendant in hand-dyed and lusciously smooth polished black porcelain with yellow gold precious metal lustre on a gold-filled chain. It was special: this was the very first piece of jewelry that had been gifted in their relationship, and I was honoured they chose something I had created for that celebration.

Fast-forward to 2021, the same art festival, the same city. The same lovely couple comes to my tent, now newly married. The joy they have in life and in love has grown, and once again they wanted to mark the passage. We talked about what they wanted to represent with this piece, and they selected a Nouveau Necklace in the same hand-dyed black porcelain, this time polished to a glossy sheen and paired with a cultured freshwater pearl. It became a personalised set when they chose earrings they both knew she would wear with great frequency. They asked about the symbolism behind pearls, and I shared about how they used to be given as gifts to royalty due to representing longevity and great joy – which are things they have been continuously building into their marriage. I wish them all the best and am grateful that what I do has a special place with them and their journey.

Is there a special event or milestone you would like to commemorate and celebrate with jewelry?

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