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3 Gifts for YOU!

***This post was updated on 11.23.22 to extend the date range out to 11.27.22***

Diving in to the Holiday Season!

Okay, I KNOW it feels early for this. We DID get snow in KC last night though, if that helps.

Holiday shopping is upon us, and I am here to help you with ideas and treats. Here’s to a merry and bright season, with some sparkles as we go!

Read on! The first thing on the calendar starts TODAY!

From 11.15.22 through 11.27.22, I have gifts to treat you with as you shop. I’m keeping track for you, so all you have to do is choose the perfect items for your people, and I’ll take care of the rest. Let’s do a high-love, low-stress holiday season, shall we?

Spend $75 or more and get a gift with purchase: a polishing cloth to help keep your metals sparkly and bright!

Spend $100 and get free shipping on your order!

Spend $125 and get a $20 gift code to use in 2023!

Note: amounts listed are subtotals and do not include applicable sales tax or shipping. Purchases must be made via . Offer valid between 11.15.22 and 11.27.22. ***Updated 11.23.22: Date range extended to 11.27.22

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