Try New Things, Help Your Community!

Getting started with inspiration!

Initial Sketch of Bra Design

I LOVE learning new things. It makes me feel enlivened and excited. I also enjoy helping those around me. If I get to use my creative gifts to help others AND I have a great time learning new things: BONUS!!!!!

When a friend and mentor of mine suggested I hang out with her this Winter while we both made Art Bras for Bra Couture KC's annual gala event, I was intrigued. Once I learned more about the organization and how they

"...raise funds for uninsured/underinsured cancer patients in the greater Kansas City area who cannot pay for their cancer supplies such as cancer medication, transportation to treatment, prosthetics, wigs, surgical supplies, and lymphedema garments. Serving men, women & children touched by all cancers, our primary event uniquely celebrates breast cancer survivors to raise funds for Kansas City area organizations who are aligned with our mission." I was stoked to get started. My family has experienced bouts with cancer, but always with insurance/assistance. Not being able to pay for treatments sounds terrifying.

I knew the first thing I needed was some great inspiration, so I headed over to the Nelson-Atkins Museum. I LOVE the Asian art areas, especially the artwork that was used to adorn so many of the temples! I saw the scales going down the front of his tunic, and I knew this was somethingI wanted to include. According to information provided by the Nelson-Atkins, "Guanyin or Guanshiyin ("He who perceives the sounds of the world") is the embodiment of compassion and is worshipped as the savior of those in peril. The gentle countenance and relaxed posture of this figure exude a palpable feeling of empathy and tenderness." I thought about the times I watched my grandfather have to pause and really give himself compassion because his body didn't react the way it did before cancer. Yes: Guanyin was the perfect inspiration! My mobile device decided it needed a nap before I could take a photo of this AMAZING statue of Guanyin, but fortunately the Nelson-Atkins shares a lot of photos of their pieces on social media. This photo was shared to their Facebook page. I take zero credit for the photo and am grateful it was available online. Please check out the Nelson-Atkins, either in person or online!

"Figure of Bhodisattva Guanyin" at the Nelson-Atkins

Check out the post "Porcelain Embellishments: Buttons and Beads" for pictures of the porcelain elements I created for this piece, the post "Build a Bra!" that for building the bra, and the final post "Bringing it All Together" for info on the decorating.

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