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Bringing it All Together

With a freshly covered bra and a bold heart, I was ready to start decorating the bra...

Well, almost. I had NO experience with beadwork or embroidery, and I had learned during the building process that the yellow satin I used was really not very forgiving to snags or mis-stitches.

It was time for two of my fav things: learning and testing.

I built a test piece that would allow me to see whether my ideas were actually workable, and I am SO glad I did - I had to make some big technical changes and work with a pretty large learning curve. The tester allowed me to test techniques, layouts, color combinations: everything I was curious about in regard to this project. Then I started tinkering and practicing. I really enjoy embroidery and beadwork. I see these becoming more frequently used tools as I move forward as an artist and maker.

Test piece for design work

There was something my testing did not account for: Size D bra cups are NOT flat...

embroidery in progress

I had to make adjustments in placing as I transitioned to the actual bra.

Embroidery and beading on a bra cup

I do enjoy a challenge, though! The curved surface meant that not only my embroidery and beadwork needed to change a tad, I also needed to re-test the layout of the scale beads for the borders. They were laying differently now that they had curves playing with their positioning. I pinned them out to check them before stitching them in place.

adding the scale beads

Overall, I think it came together really nicely. It has a lot of layers and textures and is very ornate while looking strong and delicate and elegant all at the same time.

completed art bra for bra couture kc 2019

Thank you so much for reading along!

For more about this project, check out "Try New Things, Help Your Community" for what got me into the project and my inspiration. For the porcelain beads and buttons, check out "Porcelain Embellishments: Buttons and Beads." To check out the actual building of the bra, see "Build a Bra!"

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