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12 Days of Gifts: Day 9

I am continuing on with my sharing about 12 items from across the Manda Wylde Designs collections that are sure to be great gifts for the jewelry lovers in your life. Some are classic signature pieces, some are luscious new takes on those classic signature pieces, while others come from fun experimentation adventures and additional projects I have been working on to help rebuild skills as I work with my CRPS diagnosis. All are here to inspire and help with your Holiday Season gift giving.

Day 9 brings us to a luscious earrings and necklace gift set that combines elegance and sophistication with a dreamy Bohemian vibe - gift-wrapped so you can mark another thing off of your Holiday To-Do List and take a pause to celebrate the joy of the Season.

I'd been asked several times over the years whether I would incorporate pearls into my glazework or glaze into my pearl work as I had in a few rare instances when I was first starting out. These Nature-inspired glazes paired perfectly with the regal sheen of the pearls, and the Nouveau style was what I chose to work with. The set featured in this post is in Tide Pool and reminds me of warm water beaches in places I've either lived or visited. The creamy white AA-grade cultured freshwater pearl works well with all skin tones, enhancing the inherent beauty of the wearer. Pearl symbolism ranges across cultures, being used as a well-wish for a long life, joy, peace, a connection to the Moon, and deep hidden wisdom.

Love the Nouveau Naturals Gift Set in Tide Pool set but want to see it in other colour options? Head on over to the Gift Sets page to see more. You and yours not really big on earrings but gotta have that necklace? Or maybe the earrings are really singing to you? Head on over to the Naturals page to see the pieces individually. Enjoy the elegance of this design but really prefer the classic beauty of black and white? Head on over to the Porcelain and Pearls Collection.

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