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12 Days of Gifts: Day 7

In this blog series, I am sharing about 12 items from across the Manda Wylde Designs collections that will be great gifts for those jewelry lovers in your life to help with your Holiday Season gift giving.

Day 7 is from the original collection. It is a timelessly elegant piece with classic black and white contrast: the Timeless Elegance Single Pearl Necklace in Black. At physical shows, this is a popular piece for those who gravitate towards sophistication and simplicity, who love having a "go-to" piece or collection (this necklace pairs really well with the Timeless Elegance Single Pearl Earrings in Black and the Timeless Elegance Double Pearl Earrings in Black).

This piece is a popular "starter piece" for those just working their way into accessorising. I've had a great time talking to 'tweens, teens, AND adults about starting their jewelry collection adventures, proper care and storage, knowing the materials, and being confident in asking questions and selecting pieces that meet their personal style. It's one of my fav things about shows and is definitely something I have missed this year, but being able to chat on Zoom and maintain health safety for my clients and myself has been a great way to help with questions, too.

Want to take a closer look at the Timeless Elegance Single Pearl Necklace in Black, or maybe check out the Porcelain and Pearls Collection? Or maybe you are looking for something in a different style to give to that special someone or as a treat for yourself? Then check out the other Collections for the perfect pieces now!

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