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12 Days of Gifts: Day 5

Happiest of Caturdays to you! To help with your Holiday Season shopping, I am sharing about 12 items from across the Manda Wylde Designs collections that would be great gifts for those jewelry lovers in your life.

Day 5 is another cat-inspired piece, but my Studio Assistant, Sage Catling, assured me that cats two days in a row is purrfectly fine because A) today is Caturday, and B) CATS!, and C) insane amounts of cuteness! These Tortie Kitten Post Earrings are FULL of purrsonality! Like the bracelet from Day 4, these adorable posts help Cats and Kittens in their search to adopt Hoomans and find their Furever Homes. 2020 has been challenging for many, including shelters, fosters, and adoption agencies. A portion of the profits from each piece in the Cats and Kittens Collection is donated to local Kansas City agencies for Cats and Kittens.

According to Sage Catling, these earrings are a furbulous gift for: *Anyone with pierced ears.

*Since these are tiny little post earrings, they will not get caught in longer fur styles.

* The posts and backs are made from Titanium, so they are a good option even for sensitive ears.

*Those with pride in their purrsonal Cat type: this purrticular pair has loads of Tortietude, but there are pairs with Tabbytude, Siamese sweetness, solid colours and small patterns, and even Cats wearing masks with tiny mice, fishies, catoflage patterns and more. *Those with a minimalist style, because of their small size.

*Anyone who loves knowing their purrchases help Cats and Kittens in the purrsuit of a Furever Home and Happiness! *Everyone who adores Cats (which Sage truly believes is EVERYONE ;) ). These fun little posts are great for when you need a small gift - stockings, place settings, under the pillow, hidden in Holiday decor - and come gift-wrapped in a simple recycled paper pinstripe box with a Manda Wylde Designs sticker, making them ready for gifting.

The Tortie Kitten Post Earrings are clawesome for daily wear and make all occasions special. You can find them in the Cats and Kittens Collection.

Want to see more pieces so you can select the purrfect items for the jewelry lover in your life? Check out the other Collections!

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