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12 Days of Gifts: Day 4

To help with your Holiday Season shopping, I am sharing about 12 items from across the Manda Wylde Designs collections that would be great gifts for those jewelry lovers in your life.

Day 4 brings back a popular item type: a linked bracelet! This particular linked bracelet helps Cats and Kittens in their search to adopt Hoomans and find their Furever Homes. 2020 has been challenging for many, including shelters, fosters, and adoption agencies. A portion of the profits from each piece in the Cats and Kittens Collection is donated to local Kansas City agencies for Cats and Kittens.

"Why Cats?" you ask. Throughout the years my family and I have been lovingly adopted and guided by an array of Cats and Kittens who have given us tons of love and done their best to teach us to be good Hoomans. These have either found their way to our porches, or been discovered through adoption agencies and shelters. August of 2020 marked our 4 year Adoptiversary with Sage Catling, who has been my constant companion - and honestly, my sanity saver - during this year where I've been shut in at home. To honour that, I made the Cats and Kittens Collection of earrings (and now necklaces and bracelets). Fun candy colours and patterns, cats in masks, hand-carved and sculpted earrings celebrating Sage's love of plants(thankfully NOT for munching!), and these satiny smooth black cats in graduated sizes. Donating to organisations that help Cats means more Cats and Kittens can find hoomans to adopt and love, and right now we can all use a little help and a lot of love.

The Black Kitten Bracelet is purrfect for daily wear and makes all occasions special. You can find it in the Cats and Kittens Collection.

Want to see more pieces so you can select the purrfect item for the jewelry lover in your life? Check out the other Collections!

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