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12 Days of Gifts: Day 12

Our 12 Days of Gifts journey is now coming to an end. I've had a great time sharing a selection of 12 items from across the Manda Wylde Designs collections that are sure to be great gifts for the jewelry lovers in your life. If you are new to Manda Wylde Designs, I hope the blog and social media posts have introduced you to pieces that give you a feeling of the work and its variety, and if you've followed the links listed in the posts, I hope you've found some favourite "must-have" pieces.

Some of the pieces featured in this series are classic signature pieces, some are luscious new takes on those classic signature pieces, while others come from fun experimentation adventures and additional projects I have been working on to help rebuild skills as I work with my CRPS diagnosis. All are here to inspire and help with your Holiday Season gift giving.

Day 12 is happening on what is called "Caturday" in our little pocket of the Universe, so my studio assistant, Sage Catling, and I decided it was the purrfect oppurrtunity to showcase one of my fav pieces from the newly renamed "WyldeCats and Kittens" Collection. How did I miss the oppurrtunity to call them "WyldeCats" from the beginning? Sometimes you are just too inside of something to notice fun things like that. I was focused on how money from the items sold would help cats and kittens by helping shelters/rescue/foster/adoption agencies where cats and kittens can find and adopt hoomans to love, guide, and care for. A friend of mine had been telling people about the pieces and project and calling them "WyldeCats" whenever she spoke about them. She sent me a message about the clever name, I love it, and they are now "WyldeCats and Kittens." I love happy stories! So, more about today's piece: I have spent a LOT of time hanging out with Sage Catling while isolating due to the pandemic and my diagnosis of a Central Nervous System illness called CRPS that makes me part of the very vulnerable population. I've watched her rub against the various ferns in our collection, spending time with each of them throughout the day. I've been tagged as I've walked past her fav hiding spot under the ginormous Boston Fern named "Os"/"Oz." I've also needed to spend time rebuilding certain skill sets and strengthening abilities with my hands and fine motor control and endurance. Carving and sculpting fine detail into earrings with cats and plants really fit the bill: shaping, carving bits away, adding texture and detail, and coming back in with slip to build the plants. Also, getting to redo things and start over when I twitched and marred a piece beyond repair. This pair is one of my favs to come from this healing process and journey so far, and I hope it brings loads of enjoyment when it joins someone's art jewelry collection.

To see these Hand-carved Oval Happy Cat with Lemon Button Fern Earrings, check out the newly renamed WyldeCats and Kittens collection. Thank you again for coming along on this 12 Days of Gifts adventure with me! I hope it's been helpful and enjoyable. Happiest of Holidays to you all!

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