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One-On-One Integrative Health and Life Coaching



Do you feel like your mojo has gone off and left you? Between work, and education, and family, and everything else that needs your love and attention: do you ever feel like you’ve somehow lost touch with who you are?  Has your healthcare provider told you that you need to implement diet and lifestyle changes to improve your health, but it just seems too confusing?  Have you started off on making healthy changes and then gotten frustrated and lost motivation?  Do you wish you could do more than just muddle through each day?  Like maybe, live it with vibrancy, make magic happen, and feel like a goddess?


What if you really could change your life, for the better? 


What would your life look like if you had more energy every day, could think more clearly, and slept better each night? 

What if you could become healthier AND happier with small steps that added up to big success over time?

What if you could learn more about how to create a sense of harmony with the essential elements in your life?  Not just the basic things like food and moving your body, but the really big things like relationships, career, and the S-word: stress? What would that be like?

What if there was someone who would help you through that process by offering guidance, giving support, and really listening – to who and where you are?


Welcome to Integrative Health and Life Coaching!


 Let’s face it: if you want to become amazing at anything, you get a coach.  From famous athletes to the CEOs of major corporations to anyone really wanting to hone their skills: they all have someone helping them figure things out so they can create and perform at top-notch. 


Welcome to Life Alchemy!


Maybe your goal is to find delicious, healthier alternatives to foods you already take in.  Or maybe you are looking to release some weight you are carrying.  Maybe you want help with building more energy and decreasing stress.  Or maybe you want to build a deeper spiritual connection for yourself while rocking your amazing femininity and being a strong and graceful presence in this crazy awesome world.


If you said “yes” to any of those, then Life Alchemy could definitely be for you!


What Life Alchemy is not: a cookie cutter program that tells you what and when to eat, how to move, when to sleep, and what to think and believe (except for believing in yourself and your ability to succeed – that is super important!).


What Life Alchemy is: a custom-tailored program designed specifically FOR YOU, with lots of stretching and growing and trying new things.  Life is a huge laboratory, and we create numerous experiments within the program, all to help YOU find the BEST WAY to do things FOR YOU.  No fads, no gimmicks, just you, becoming the very best you possible.


How it works:

Working together as a team, we will come up with clear, attainable goals, and then take steps during your 6 month program to keep moving you closer and closer to meeting them.   Studies show that it takes six months to create long-term, sustainable habits.  During this time, I will support you in making better food, movement, and other lifestyle choices so you are able to develop them into a life that you can maintain even after your program finishes – and love it!  You are investing in yourself, because you are worth it.  We are going to make transformation sustainable and worthy of your efforts and resources.


The program:

  • We will meet either in my office or online, via Skype or FaceTime, 2 times a month for an hour each time, for 6 months.  We will have deep discussions about a variety of areas of your life to help you uncover patterns and discover new ways of looking at things and come up with new ideas to try.  We will also discuss a variety of different things for you to experiment with as you go out into the “Laboratory” after each session, and come up with recommendations to help you reach your goals.  You’ll receive a full set of notes for each session via email within 48 hours.

  • We will create a customized plan specifically for your goals and needs.

  • Along the way, we will celebrate your successes, and also create a sense of accountability.

  • An assortment of helpful tools and items will also be included, to encourage you on your path.  They may contain handouts, books, recipes, food, CDs/downloads, or other items as deemed appropriate.  Again, these are geared specifically to YOU.

  • We will check in via email during non-session weeks to help you stay on track, and you will also have email support throughout your program.

  • Everything we do is geared to help you not only “go from good to great,” but to also help you come alive and strive towards living to your highest potential.


The Investment:

This 6 month customized one-on-one program is US$1,200, which can be paid in the following ways:

  • 1 payment in full for a US$100 discount (US$1,100)

  • 2 payments of $600

  • or in 6 monthly payments of US$200 each.


Imagine: waking up in the morning with more than enough energy to get through the day, feeling vibrant and amazing, reconnecting to the gloriously wonderful woman that is YOU, and truly loving the lusciously beautiful life that is yours!  You can do it!  I can help!


Ready to start your transformation?  

Then contact me to set up a Discovery Session where we can determine together whether this will be a great fit for you.  Send an email with the subject of TRANSFORMATION to


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