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Miniature Monoprint
Collector's Sets

     I have been inspired by the amazing beauty and breathtaking wonder of Nature since I was a small child.  My materials come from the Earth, and without her, my creative endeavours and I would not exist. 

     I’ve been wanting to create pieces in a new direction for a while; pieces that really pay homage to the beauty and wonders of the Earth.  Pieces that were not my typical minimalist flair, that would instead be an adventure of memories and techniques.  These were amazing fun to create, and also labour- and time-intensive.  Sometimes beauty takes time.  Mother Nature takes a year to show a portion of the pieces in her jewelry box, and they take eons to develop and evolve in some instances, so I decided it’s okay that these took even more time than my normal work.

     I chose a process in ceramics called “monoprinting on clay,” but what I am left with at the end is actually a monotype: each image can be transferred only once, I get one shot, and each piece is a completely unique collectors’ piece of wearable art – in miniature.  For these pieces, I created 3 unique images per set: a larger pendant piece and two smaller mirrored earrings.  Each piece was sketched, hand-painted layer by layer from the front of the image to the back(so in reverse, and I could see less and less of the image as I progressed through the painting process), and then transferred using a white slip (liquid clay, about sour cream in consistency), gentle but firm pressure, and patience. 

     Once the papers were removed and the clay had set up enough to touch without smearing, I was able to clean up any excess underglaze and slip, glaze them, and send them through the kiln for the firing.  Fortunately, they all fired well, and I was able to polish them, partner them with 14/20 gold-filled findings, and offer this limited edition of carefully curated collectors’ sets in honour of the Earth we call home and some of my earliest memories of childhood and Nature.

     Each set has a story – it came from my memories.  From getting to have my Nana cut sunflowers from her garden for take-home bouquets in late evening before heading out, to the pond at the park or botanic garden we went to where I saw my first koi, to a different park with cherry blossoms blooming and the leaves raining down on a picnic, to my very first favourite conversation topic: birds and how they fly.

     I hope this collection shares my love and admiration for the amazing things on this planet we call “Home” and that it reminds you of your first joyous love affairs with Nature.  I look forward to adding more pieces over time.

     Sales are final.

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