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Meet the Artist: 
Manda Wylde

Manda Wylde is a self-taught Kansas City-based artist working primarily in porcelain.  She creates wearable art for lovers of cats and nature.  Through her designs, she celebrates her own loves of felines and nature with jewelry composed of wearable sculpture and intricately detailed miniature paintings.

Starting with mud and water, she travels the exploratory path of “What if?” spending hours per piece to fashion wearable art that is elegant and fun-spirited with a minimalist and modern feel.

After being diagnosed with CRPS in 2020, Manda began consciously looking for ways to celebrate life and its joys.  The led to the creation of the WyldeCats and Kittens Collection and incorporating underglaze paintings of landscapes into her work.

When not in the studio, Manda can be found talking to her plants, hiking, and photographing flowers, ferns, and fungi (oh, my!).

Manda Wylde, artisan
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