Guanyin Earring Collection

Porcelain Accessories Inspired by Art!

Timeless. Elegant. Bohemian. 

Inspired by the Art Bra “Guanyin’s Glory” for the 2019 Bra Couture KC gala, this limited edition collection of pieces was created using the same bead designs and handmade porcelain components used to decorate the bra.  Wear the magic and remember the glory of Guanyin – especially when you need to turn some of that magic on yourself!

Earring hooks are created from level 316L surgical steel(the same thing surgical pins are made from) to help lower the chances of allergic reactions.  These are the high quality materials you've come to expect to help you wear beautiful fine jewelry with comfort and peace of mind.  Unique beauty, sans pain: luscious!


All items are hand-made.  There may be slight variations from the images shown due to materials.  This makes each piece unique.

Sales are final.