WyldeCats and Kittens 


     Starting in 2020, I felt the need to make happy, silly pieces.  I wanted to celebrate the joy of the cat who adopted me, her love of plants, and the joy I've experienced with cats throughout the years.  Sage Catling has been with us for a little over 4 years now.  She is my purrfect constant companion and gives me both love and a fascinating new outlook on everything around.  This collection came from that love and joy, and I look forward to adding pieces to it as time passes.  It's quite different from my other work, and I hope you enjoy the pieces as much as I've enjoyed making them.


Some pieces are listed as "Pre-Order."  This means the initial piece has sold, but I can make another very similar, there will simply be a pause between when you place the order and when I ship it, due to the making and firing process involved.


Posts and hooks are titanium to help alleviate metals reactions.  It's the same high quality you are used to, just in a slightly quirkier form.

  A portion of the proceeds will go to help shelters/foster/adoption agencies in the KC area.

     Thank you VERY much for the support, the love of cats, and a KC artist.

Please note:

All items are hand-made.  There may be slight variations from the images shown due to materials and the hand-making process.  This makes each piece unique.


Sales final.