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21-Day Bliss Builder

Tips, Tools, and Explorations for

Building Bliss

and Creating a Life You Love

Day 1:

Setting Intentions

Welcome to Day 1!  What are you wanting to create during this Bliss Builder?  More Bliss?  A better connection to Bliss?  Deeper Focus?  
Grab your journal and write it down!  
Making visual reminders is a great idea, as well! :)

Day 2:

Defining Bliss  

Today we'll talk about Bliss, what it is, and ideas to use when you might not be able to "follow your Bliss."

Day 3:

Today we'll explore the topics of self-love, self-care, and how important it is to develop self-love practices to help create a strong foundation for Bliss Building.

Day 4:

Breathe Deep

Taking a breath during an interaction can help create space to make wiser decisions instead of knee-jerk reactions, and even helps improve willpower!  How much attention do you pay to your breathing?

Day 5:


What do you do with your time?  How do you relate to it?  Have you ever made a "Stop Doing" list?

Day 6:

Just Feel Better

Sometimes, you just need to find ways - no matter how simple - to just FEEL better in a situation.  This a great opportunity to explore some ideas for yourself so you can really feel well-taken-care-of with simple but powerful self-care. :)

Day 7:


How much water (not coffee, tea, vodka, or energy drink ;) ) do you drink each day?  Here's to being properly hydrated!

Day 8:
Letting Go: Physical 

We expend our energy on our personal items.  What happens if you choose one thing to let go of?

Day 9:

Food Basics

When we give our bodies what they need, we can show up and have a truly amazing presence.  What new food can you explore today?

Day 10:
Clearing Space Mentally and Emotionally

What sort of mental power tools are you using in your daily life?  

Day 11:
Moving Your Body

What are some different ways you can build movement into your day?

Day 12:
Focus on Finances

Let's give your finances some loving attention and respect. :)

Day 13:


What do you do to help ensure you get the best sleep possible?

Day 14:

Meditation Styles

Which styles of meditation have you explored, if any? 

Day 15:
Grattitude Breaks!

Let's cultivate awareness of the great things in life and boost our brain's happiness abilities! :)

Day 16:

Abhyanga: An Act of Radical Self-Love

Today's post is a little different. :)  

Hop on over to the blog ("Musings" under the MORE section of the menu bar) article "Abhyanga - An Act of Radical Self-Love" to learn more about applying this fabulous practice.  

Then, pull out your journal and make note of:
What was this like for you?  Do you like this practice, or does it seem strange?  Do you feel relaxed or energised?  
Have fun, and I will see you tomorrow! :)

Day 17:

Acts of Kindness

Want a quick, proven way to boost happiness?
What was the last Act of Kindness you remember committing?

Day 18:

Coming to Your Senses

Every day (every moment, actually) our senses are giving us information about our environments.  From the brightness of the lighting and the tinny sound of shop music to the aroma of our fav foods and beverages and even the plush softness of that gorgeous sweater: there are SO many messages for our brains to interpret from our surroundings!  In today's society, though, we get inundated and spend a good deal of time trying to numb or block them out.  

Today, let's explore our sensational senses!  

Marshall Goldsmith, an expert on adult behavior change, states that our environments have a strong influence on our behaviors.  Let's open our senses and see what these environments are showing us!

Throughout the day take little breaks, like the Gratitude Breaks, only with these breaks you'll be noting what you are experiencing with each sense, and how you are feeling in the moment.  

At the end of the day, see what lines up for you:

Are there certain sights/sounds/smells/etc that consistently put you in a certain mood?  What can you do to create a harmonious experience for yourself via your senses?  Maybe it means going back and looking for things you can do to "just feel better" for future moments if things are out of your control, or maybe there are changes to your environments(the ones you CAN change - I doubt the grocery store would appreciate you changing the lighting, and you most likely cannot mute your boss ;) ) you want to make.  

Did you find there are senses you had trouble tuning into?  Do you have a tendency to ignore a certain sense?

Write it all down and explore, and I'll see you tomorrow! :)

Day 19:

Indulgence Divine

What is your fav self-care indulgence?

Are you a bath soaker, with a cup of hot tea and a great book?  Maybe you have a special body product that helps you feel truly regal, or maybe it's a pedicure or massage or taking time just for you to create or write.  

Today: indulge in one of these nourishing self-care items! Or layer them into your day.  Remember that taking time out for the things that help fuel you as a person not only help you show up as an amazing presence but also can be an awesome way to connect to your own divine nature.  

Dive in and enjoy it!

Day 20:

Connecting to Our Own Divinity

If Bliss is as Joseph Campbell says (divinity bubbling up through us), then it really helps for us to connect to our own divinity!

Take some time today and explore:

What are you thoughts on divinity?

     Do you follow a certain faith or have a definition of what divinity is to you?

     What do you do to feel the most connected to the Divine?

     Do you believe that you are divine, personally?

     What do you think of when you think of divinity?

It is perfectly ok if this is a "weird" subject to you, or if you do not follow a particular faith or even if you question the concept of divinity.  All of it is great, all of it is good, and all of it is open to questions and explorations - that is where the best learning and understanding is gained. :)

Day 21:

Share It!

We've come to the end of this Bliss Builder.  I hope you've had as much fun exploring it as I've had putting it together. :)

You've done some amazing exploring, experimented with great things, and hopefully discovered and built strong self-care techniques into your tool box.

Now it's time to share what you've learned and discovered.  Joseph Campbell says that sharing what you've learned with your village is the most important part of any hero's journey.  Anyone can just go out and retreat into the woods and learn new things, but to make that journey complete and give love to those around us, we need to share what we've learned.  Please share this Bliss Builder with friends and family if they didn't follow along on your journey!  You can share the link on social media, and they can take their own journey.  Take some time to explore before you share, and see what you felt was a "key piece" in building your own Bliss.  Then share that information with friends and loved ones, and even social media :)


Also:  If you enjoyed this Bliss Builder journey and would like to dive more deeply into this work, look for my book that goes with this activity that will be coming out later this year.  YAY!  Here's to creating our own pathways and bridges to Bliss!

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