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Manda Wylde. Life Alchemist 

Hi!  I'm Manda, and I'm an Alchemist.  A Life Alchemist.  I help women find ways to make magic happen in their lives.  Big magic.  So, I'm what happens when you combine an alchemist with a sherpa.


"Why do I need an alchemist and sherpa in the 21st century?!" you might be asking yourself.


Maybe you are in slump.  Maybe you just don't have the energy you had 10 years ago...5 years ago...last week.  Maybe all the conflicting info in the media about how to move and what to eat combined with the fact that NOTHING IS WORKING for you is driving you batty. Or maybe you would just like to actually sleep when your head hits the pillow at night rather than counting monkeys swinging through your mind while staring at the wall.  Maybe you've looked in the mirror and wondered "Who am I? Really?"  For any of these and more, I'd LOVE to help!


   I walk with you on a trek of transformation, and have lots of tools to help navigate through lifestyle changes and challenges, as well as to work through fantastic experiments along the way - all so you can be the amazingly vibrant goddess you came here to be, complete with vitality, clarity, and energy to enjoy it!  


Let's make magic happen and see what your transformation looks like!


     Manda Wylde, NCMTB, LMT, INHC, is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist/Bodyworker and Integrative Health Coach with a passion for abdominal care, digestive wellness, and transformation.  With a decade of experience working in the healing arts, she adores helping women fall in love with themselves and their lives, and guiding them on the adventure of making their lives magical.

     While always being interested in holistic wellness, Manda's journey into natural wellness care really took off when she was in her early 20s.  Having been diagnosed with several auto-immune and nervous system conditions, needing a notebook to track her various medications, feeling generally miserable, frustrated, depressed, and weighing in at more than 220 pounds, she literally woke up one morning and said "this isn't working, let's find what will."  Much to her chagrin, as she began eating what she thought was more healthfully, she began to feel WORSE rather than better.  She researched constantly, and tried out a multitude of different ways to eat, exercise, and live.  Some made her feel better, others made her feel awful and ALL of it was 

confusing!  There seemed to be some secret formula she just couldn't figure out. Finally, she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, adrenal fatigue, and a challenged thyroid amongst other things. Getting back to the basic foundations of living started paving the way for an amazing journey.

     As Manda began to make decisions and changes to heal her body and life, she became more excited about the transformation that was taking place.   Wanting to learn more and be able to help others find their way (more easily than she had) fueled her passion and drove her forward on her path.  Knowing there was no “one-size-fits-all” solution, Manda began to stretch and build her wisdom base even more, studying with numerous practitioners and teachers.

     After several years of private trainings in Reiki, Seichim, Shamanism, and herbalism, she attended Wellspring School of Allied Health, where she received her Massage Certificate before becoming nationally certified for bodywork, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she received her Holistic Health Coach training.  Manda then went on to receive specialised training from Claire Marie Miller for a more in-depth focus on how to best meet the needs of clients who are pregnant, ready to deliver, postpartum, or wanting to start their families and needing assistance from fertility massage.


     Working as a Life Alchemist, Manda walks with women as they transform their lives.  From rediscovering their mojos and adding oomph and zest, to reducing stress, increasing energy, she helps women embrace their femininity, build focus, become aware of self-sabotage, and nurture a personal self-love practice to create their best lives.  Using Massage/Bodywork, Energywork/Shamanism, and Integrative Health and Life Coaching, she helps clients determine which paths will be the most beneficial and cheers them on as they achieve success. 


     When not helping clients, Manda can be found creating divine food items - and probably dancing - in her kitchen, writing stories about her cat's adventures, digging in the dirt, making a variety of artwork with different media, crafting natural artisan bodycare products, and traveling the globe to see, learn, and experience the amazing things life has to offer.

     To learn more about transformational coaching, classes, and working with Manda either one-on-one or in a group setting to create your own transformation, please click on the heading for Integrative Health Coaching.


     For more information about Massage/Bodywork and Energywork services please click on the heading for Bodywork Service.  


     For information on creating the optimum environment for enhancing fertility with bodywork, food, and lifestyle choices, please click on Body Harmonics: Fertility Optimization.

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