Do you love finding those treasured accessories you reach for

over and over again but have metals sensitivities

that hold you back?


     I completely understand! 

     I’m Manda, the artist and creator behind Manda Wylde Designs. 


     After years of adapting jewelry to the hypoallergenic materials I needed, I started

making my own.  I let my loves of Nature, learning, and the process of

experimentation and making guide me down the exploratory path of “What if?” as I

began creating and selling wearable art that is so much more than merely

“hypoallergenic jewelry.”  Instead, I create pieces that are elegant for a look that

transcends time by pulling influences from Mother Nature, Art Nouveau, and

Art Deco while having a minimalist and modern feel.


     For as long as I can remember I’ve made jewelry and accessories of some sort,

so for me creating is a timeless part of who I am.  From knotted bracelets to fancy

beadwork and lace, some of my earliest memories of hanging out with my textile-

-artist mother include figuring out how to follow a pattern – or make up my own!


     I came to work with porcelain, pearls, and hypoallergenic (and precious) metals as part of a still-winding journey:  I constantly had to adapt purchased jewelry because of my metal sensitivities.  I created in a ceramics studio and enjoyed making small things more than large pottery.  I had a strand of craft store pearls, and wondered whether I could “frame them” with porcelain and let them each become wearable pieces of art.  This gave me a unique combination of materials with an elegant, simple, and timeless aesthetic that has improved over time with both my skill and the quality of my materials.


     Being a self-taught artist with a love of experimentation and nature as well as a thirst for knowledge, I started asking my favorite question: “What if?”

                    What if I could find better quality pearls? 

                    What if I could learn more about pearls, the industry, quality – as much as I possibly could – and then share that with the                                 people who purchase my pieces?

                    What if I could bring the lusciousness of breaking ocean waves, the softness of mossy forest paths, or the vast starry depths of                           the universe into my pieces?

                    What if I draw from different art styles and create something of my very own? 


     The question keeps asking, and I keep learning and evolving.  This means you will always have elegant, artful accessories with a timeless feel that are appropriate for all occasions when you wear something from Manda Wylde Designs.

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